A Global Recession May Be Just What Mother Earth Needs

According to the New York Times blog, Dot Earth, China’s power output actually fell at the end of ’08! I am totally shocked in a delightful way!

The post, “China’s Power Surge Ends for Now,” reported that China’s rate of power output has been growing at 15-20% since 02, only to plunge to about -10% in the last few months. That’s negative 10%, an actual reduction power output (find out why)!  That means China’s carbon emissions should fall too, but that data isn’t out yet.

I wonder if China will hold on to its place as the world’s #1 carbon emitter, having overtaken the U.S. in that dubious distinction only in ’07. (the U.S. is still way ahead, though, when you look at emissions per person).

Now, are coal plants in the U.S. still spewing as much as they were a year ago?  And what about the other top emitters of carbon dioxide, the greenhouse gas that causes global warming?

I know this comes at a great cost to human life and will cause great suffering.  I myself am a casualty of the economic downturn.  But I hope the crisis will inspire us to find clean energy solutions and build the green economy of the future.


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