An Off-Grid Educational Solar Array for a Flatbush Cafe


Here’s another great project from Sustainable Flatbush, a photovoltaic (solar-electric) system to provide night lighting for Vox Pop Cafe, on the corner of Cortelyou and Stratford.

The lamp, a replica of the Statue of Liberty and the second of its kind for the popular Flatbush gathering place, has a tumultuous history.  The original lamp was stolen from the front of the cafe earlier this summer.  On July 4, in a troubling turn of events, the thieves posted a video of an extremist-style “beheading” of the statue on YouTube.  A few weeks later, after the mobilization of many neighbors, a Manhattan restauranteur generously donated the second statue.  Here’s an article about Lady Liberty’s triumphant return home.

Vox Pop approached Sustainable Flatbush (SF) to turn the tragic incident into an opportunity to teach our community about the value of clean energy.  As the director of SF’s Energy Solutions Initiative, and general techtopia geek who likes to make things, I designed the system to keep the flame burning through the night even in the middle of winter.  In summer, there’ll be extra energy for cafe patrons to charge their laptops and keep their music pumping.  Local kids will help build, maintain and teach about the system. We’ll be building it early next year.

So without further adeiu, I present to you the People’s Voice Solar Array!


3 Responses to An Off-Grid Educational Solar Array for a Flatbush Cafe

  1. Kimberly White says:

    I can wait to be a part of it!

  2. Kimberly White says:

    correction to my previously posted comment:
    can should say CAN’T, as in cannot.

  3. jocelyncohen says:


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