Fun in the Sun at the Church Avenue Garden

August 11, 2011

Kady Ferguson with kids from Flatbush Reformed Church summer camp. Photo by Jocelyn Cohen.

I had such a blast with these kids from the Flatbush Reformed Church Summer camp today. They already knew what I always say: we use renewable energy because it’s clean, it doesn’t cause carbon emissions, it improves air quality and it puts the brakes on global warming.  It’s also good for keeping energy costs down in the long run. We used the SunBike at the Church Avenue Communal Garden to shred leaves for the compost pile. As master composters Anne Pope and Kady Ferguson explained, the compost needs “browns” like leaves along with food scraps.  Shredding them makes the compost decompose more quickly, so why not let renewable energy do all the work (well, most of it)? Then each kid took the SunBike on a little jaunt around the church yard–just to show they’re not just smart.  They’re strong enough to haul more than 200 lbs of equipment wherever it needs to go to follow the sun. You’ll see the voltage and amp meters in the video. Multiply them together for watts. Hey, that’s a 1000 watts. Good job, SunBike, and great job, kids!