The Problems: Burning the Future

Most of our energy comes from burning fossil fuels, including coal, oil, , natural gas, and others.  Burning fossil fuels is not a sustainable practice.  It jeopardizes the viability of future generations.

  • Fossil fuels are a non-renewable resourceOnce we use them, they are gone…then what will we do?
  • Many of the fossil fuels we burn come from abroad, complicating our relationships with other countries and making the United States vulnerable to political instabilities in those countries.
  • Mining sources of energy creates many environmental problems, such as devastation to the landscape, groundwater contamination, disruption of animal and human habitats, and many others.  The ravages of mountaintop removal coal mining is one example here in the United States
  • Most importantly, burning fossil fuels generates carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that causes global warming.  Global warming is a great threat to life on earth, and many experts are asking us to drastically reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

And yet, our economic livelihood, and that of much of the world, is currently dependent on fossil fuels, which makes change extremely challenging.

How do we start making a change?

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Energy Terms and Definitions

*“Burning the Future” comes from the film by David Novack on the devastating impacts of mountaintop removal  coal mining.   I think it applies to all fossil fuels, don’t you?

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